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Is it true that high protein diets cause calcium loss from bones?

Is it true that high protein diets cause calcium loss from bones?

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

When individuals tackle a high-protein diet, it often translates into low carb and higher fat. High protein has shown to preserve lean mass during weight loss and also increase metabolism because protein digestion requires more energy (calories).

The downside for high protein diet can include high cholesterol if you only consume animal proteins, kidney problems because consume an excess amount of protein can increase stress on the organ, and increase the risk for osteoporosis because calcium is excreted via urine at higher levels than normal.

High protein diet should not be consumed for long periods of time especially when you completely cut out carbohydrates and rely on high fat and high protein foods only. Ensure to include plenty of water, fruits and vegetables to ensure that your body still receive adequate nutrition that protein and fat cannot provide.

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