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Change in nutrient level for a blended mix that is frozen for ~24hrs and then defrosted for ~3hrs

I was talking with the customer service rep, who referred me to here. I take the blended mix into a plastic wrap and keep it in a freezer for ~24+ hours and then defrost it in a refrigerator for ~3+ hours.
1. What is the change in nutrient level for the blended mix during the process of ~24+ hour freeze and then ~3+ hour defrost?
2. What device is there that can measure the change in nutrient level of any mixture?
3. What nutrients, if any, escape in the form of gas?

Thank you.

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2 years ago

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When you freeze your Blast or fruit, etc. the nutrients are actually "locked in". The three elements that destroy nutrients include heat, light and air. So, by reducing those three you will retain more nutritional value. The final value depends on several variables - the freshness of the starting produce, how far they may have traveled or sat on the shelf at the grocery store, the nutrients in the soil, how they are stored at home, how much exposure to the three elements mentioned above, etc. It sounds like you are taking great measures to keep the nutrients locked in and should be fine.
The only way to measure the exact amounts would be to send samples off to a lab for testing.

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