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What can help increase energy and promote weight loss?

I am tired all the time regardless of how much sleep I get. I take all my medications so that's not the problem. I have a VERY hard time losing weight and its mostly because I have no energy to do anything. Its seems to be worse at night when I am supposed to be cooking dinner, helpping kids with homework, etc. All I want to do is close my eyes and sleep. Any suggestions in how to speed my metabolism up and give me more energy?

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2 years ago

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First of all, is fatigue a side effect of any of the medications you're taking?
Also, you mentioned the amount of sleep isn't the issue, but perhaps it's the quality of sleep? Here are our top tips for getting a good night's sleep:

It's a crazy vicious cycle...we're too tired to move, but moving actually gives us more energy. Even if it's just 10-20 minutes'll find this is extremely helpful - gets the blood circulating!

Food-wise, be sure you're eating things that help keep your blood sugar balanced. Adding high fiber foods to all your meals (think veggies!) and a lean protein helps prevent blood sugar spikes and provides an even flow of energy throughout the day. And it goes without saying - skip the fast food and packaged snacks. More whole foods!

Energy boosting ingredients include maca, beets, chia, and matcha green tea.
Skip the coffee :)

For weight loss, the balanced blood sugar approach is key. Also, check out our new weight loss program, LEAN here:
And for more weight loss tips and recipes, search "weight loss" here on NutriLiving!

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