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My eating times and snack times are a little unrealistic, can you provide any suggestions for my hectic schedule?

3 times a week I don't get to work until 7am which would be a time I'd be able to eat my first shake. Any suggestions? Also too, can we mix and match items to add to the cup for a shake as long as we follow items that are allowed? I'd love to try all the recipes but it could be costly as I don't have so many ingredients..

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2 years ago

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I would suggest finding a balance and times that works best for you. I would jot down the number of meals/snacks you'd have time for and then look at your daily schedule to see how you can insert those times. Provide 2-4 hours in between each meal and snack if you could. If that is not available, you may have to either wait a little longer or make smaller snacks for the times you have available.

If you are lacking time to make your Blast, build them and then Blast before you go to work. They take 45 seconds in the morning and drink straight out of the Tall Cup on your way to work. You can do it one more time at lunch or at a snack. The Blast you have in the morning can be doubled as your snack too!

If you are having trouble keeping all the ingredients, I'd suggest rotating 2-3 similar ones every week so it can help with your grocery shopping. Here is an example:

1. Pick at least 1 green (spinach, spring mix)
2. Pick 2 frozen fruits (pineapple, berries, or peaches)
3. Pick at least one fat (chia, flax)
4. Have two liquids (cold brewed tea made ahead, almond milk, coconut water).

Mix and match those options to give you better flavors. Stock up on cinnamon, mint extract, or vanilla to give it the flavors you want without all the calories!

thank you for the tips! just one more question.. if I make my blast at home to go, don't I have to drink pretty quickly? I've heard drinks we make that have protein powder should not sit for too long.. So I'd make my blast before 5 am and wouldn't be able to drink until 7, would that be ok let it sit for 2 hours? thanks again for the tips! appreciate t! :-)

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