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How do I lose weight while reducing my back pain and lower my cholesterol and blood pressure?

would like to go on a plan to help with weight loss, back pain, arthritis, high BP, high cloistral. Have sleep apnea, asthma, diabetic, have 3 types of arthritis. Any plan to help with all of this?

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1 year ago

Dietitian's Answer

Weight loss can be achieved when you decrease the amount of calories that you consume with exercise when it is appropriate and able. You want to keep your weight loss smoothies to 200 to 400 calories. To lower back pain, you may want to add anti-inflammatory foods and natural analgesics to your smoothies like these:

Finally, any fruit and vegetables that you add to your smoothie can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure because increasing fruit and vegetables are part of a healthy diet to lower heart disease risk.

Here are some recipes for weight loss:

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