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Can I substitute some of the 7-Day Plan recipes with regular NB Blasts and/or Clean Living recipes?

I just received my NBLean & exploring the website. I want to know (1) can I start with one of the NB cleanses before starting the NBLean plan? (2) can I interchange regular nutribullet blasts with the NBLean plan MacroBlasts?

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1 year ago

Dietitian's Answer

The 7-day plan is similar to the NB recipes however the LEAN plan uses low-glycemic foods and avoids many of the ingredients that have higher sugar ingredients. If you are on the LEAN plan, we would encourage you to stick with LEAN-approved ingredients for best results however if you are less worried about the results and want to venture out, be sure to always include 50% veggie, plant-protein, and healthy fats for a balanced smoothie!

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