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I had weight loss survey one year ago and I have hit a weight plateau. What can I do again?

I had GSV a year ago, & I've hit a major plateau. My number hasn't moved in months! How can I jumpstart it again?

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1 year ago

Dietitian's Answer

Weight loss requires you to confuse your body and not fall into a rut. When you are hitting a plateau, you need two things: patience and the will to try something new. When you first hit a plateau, feel the reward that your body is happy at a new weight. If your weight plateau just hit - wait for a few days and continue your weight loss efforts. If the plateau has been a couple of weeks or more, try a new cardio workout regiment OR try incorporating new menu items. The key is to not decrease calories but to incorporate foods that help rev up our metabolism like lean proteins, and healthy fats.

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