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Why the so call low sugar recipies have so many grams of sugar in them?

I keep looking at recipes that are supposedly low in sugar, however these typically range in between 15 and 30 grams of sugar. That's high! Low sugar should be anything below 10 grams, and even that could be considered high, depending on the diabetic condition. Sorry, is just that every time I see a so call low sugar recipe I end up not doing it because of how much sugar actually has.

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1 year ago

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I just did a spot check on our low-sugar smoothie recipes and did not find anything that would be greater than 20g of sugars.

Go to:
Check the box, "low-sugar" and all recipes should be 20g of sugars are less.

15g of sugars equates to 1 Carbs which is not a lot of sugars in comparison to other to other food products. If you are concerned about 15g of sugars, we would recommend using more vegetables and fruits like berries that are higher in fiber. Other things to add to your smoothies that would slow the sugars from entering your blood stream are healthy fats and plant-proteins like nuts, seeds, and avocados.

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