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Can I eat gluten free oatmeal during the 7 Day Transformation Plan?

I've been on the 7 Day Tranformation Plan and so far I've been enjoying what I'm eating. However, one of things I used to eat and love before going on this plan was oatmeal and I miss it terribly. (Not sure if this is me craving gluten or me just wanting some oatmeal) Anyway, in the black bean burger recipe, it calls for gluten free rolled oats as one of the ingredients. So can I eat the gluten free rolled oats as oatmeal as one of my meals as part of this plan?? Thanks!

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1 year ago

Dietitian's Answer

Yes, you can try gluten free oats. It is not a product that we would recommend first however it's a great item that can help start your day.

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