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Can the NutriBullet help me during advanced staged colon cancer?

2 surgeries now a 12" blockage from radiation entritis still inside him and bypass. Told to be on low fibre diet. Will this be helpful for him to use or will. He still get too much fiver (risk of blockage again and he still is raw inside the intestines I'm considering to purchase but worried for my husbands condition he went through 9 months of chemo and 40 treatments of radiation and 2 surgeries and entritis. Burnt 2 bs degree on exterior from the radiation and inside Burt as well

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1 year ago

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Sorry to hear about your condition. As with all cancer treatment, they do vary from person to person based on their current condition. I would suggest asking your oncologist before integrating a full smoothie into his diet. The NutriBullet can help bring nutrients and hydration as you heal. However with colon cancer, some people may not tolerate much of anything after surgery. If anything, I would start off slow with something lower in fiber to see how well you tolerate it. Always check with your oncologist and a dietitian that specializes in oncology.

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