Find Your Smoothie Soulmate

Stuck in a smoothie rut? Break free with recipies catered to your exact taste and needs.

1. How do you feel about beets?
Yum, beets are my jam
Ew, they taste like dirt
What's a beet?
2. Do you read nutrition labels?
First thing I do when I pick up a food product
What for?
If it looks good, I'm eating it!
3. How do you feel about veggies?
The more the merrier!
A few are okay...
Ew, gross!
4. How adventurous of an eater are you?
Bring on the spirulina, I know all the superfoods
I keep it simple, I know what I like
I'm willing to try anything once!
5. What is your ultimate smoothie goal?
Be healthy
Boost my energy
Drink a delicious smoothie
Meet your smoothie soulmates:

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