Banana Kale Bonanza

nutribullet banana kale smoothie recipe

Rev up your metabolism and your body’s fat-burning power with a sweet and delicious Banana Kale Bonanza – perfect for beginners to the NutriBullet and veterans, alike!

Kale is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber to nourish your body from the inside out, while nutrient-dense bananas and mixed berries help sweeten the drink. Try it with our all-natural SuperFood Fat Burning Boost, a flavorful blend of metabolism-boosting green tea extract, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and more, to promote satiety and healthy weight loss.

Vegan Vegan
Dairy Free Dairy Free
Nut Free Nut Free
Gluten Free Gluten Free


Nutrition Facts

Recipe: Banana Kale Bonanza
Servings in this Recipe: 1

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

Calories 238.8

% Daily Value*

Total fat 5.8 g 8.9%

Saturated Fat 0.5 g 2.4%

Trans Fat 0.0 g 0.0%

Cholesterol 0.0 mg 0.0%

Sodium 18.6 mg 0.8%

Total Carbs 42.1 g 14.0%

Dietary Fiber 11.9 g 47.4%

Sugars 20.3 g 0.0%

Alcohol 0.0 g 0.0%

Protein 6.1 g

Vitamin A 36.6%
Vitamin C 74.3%
Calcium 6.1%
Iron 5.5%
Vitamin D 0.0%
Vitamin E 4.0%
Vitamin K 159.5%
Thiamin 4.6%
Riboflavin 7.4%
Niacin 7.0%
Vitamin B-6 24.9%
Folate 16.0%
Vitamin B-12 0.0%
Panto. acid 6.1%
Phosphorus 5.7%
Magnesium 14.3%
Zinc 4.3%
Selenium 2.3%
Copper 24.1%
Manganese 44.5%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs:


  • Add all ingredients to your Tall Cup and extract for 30 seconds, or until smooth.
  • Enjoy!

This Recipe Can Be Made With:

NutriBullet Balance
NutriBullet Balance
NutriBullet PRO
NutriBullet PRO
NutriBullet Rx
NutriBullet Rx

Why doesn't any of the recipes show they can be made with the Nutribullet Lean? Can't it be used the same way as any of the other Nutribullets?
Comment by ffrepp
January 06, 2016
can I do this using a juicer or do I have to use a blender?
Comment by DeJae492
August 24, 2015
First tim trying blender which I like and this smoothie which I did not. But I drank it anyway. I can't wait to try another recipe tomorrow.
Comment by patty jean
August 08, 2015
I love nutri Living and learning from everyone.
Comment by dyoung61
August 06, 2015
made this today but used coconut water instead of plain water. tastes very good and now will be my morning go to drink.
Comment by mikeray831
August 04, 2015
Awesome..... I do the small cup on the nutribullet rx. The ingredients I use that puts a,smile on my face is as followed. A whole cucumber,celery,a beet,spinach,kayle and's a good way to start your day and the beet gives,it a sweet taste.
Comment by Kamyr
May 23, 2015
Where can I get the superfood fat burning boost? From Ontario canada
Reply by Jlatone55
August 05, 2015
Ok. I live in Ca. Where can I get my super food mix. I am by bakersfield. Or can I get it online?
Comment by elamb
February 21, 2015
What is 'phytobadness'? I alternate between kale and spinach as my greens, but my husband only uses spinach. Is that harmful to only use one type of greens in our blasts?
Phytobadness is not a word. But if you break it down Phyto means "plant" badness is just bad. So I am not really sure what she is trying to say maybe she meant to say ""Phytochemicals" which are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. I hope this helps.
Comment by Debbelite
January 23, 2015
This is one of my favorite recipes. I rotate between spinach and kale so I don't get sick from blending either one everyday which built up phytobadness (In the beginning - rookie mistake) ... Question- for weight loss, what range of calories should we keep a shake if it is a meal replacement? Mine tend to go over 400 , I eat little else, but Im not losing :-(
Reply by Ozzy
August 08, 2015
Hi DiannL, Not too sure if you saw the above post re phytobadness... phytobadness is, in my humble opinion, a fictitious word that someone made up because they didn't like using the same ingredients everyday in their drinks. However, there is a science to blending different types of veggies and fruits to get them to work together to allow your body to use them as best it can. If you don't like using the same thing everyday, say Kale, then use Spinach as a substitute. Personally, I use Kale, Spinach and Broccoli Florets in my morning drinks everyday - i just add different Nuts and/or fruits depending on what I have a craving for. I have modified many of these recipes and am no longer Diabetic nor do I have to deal with HBP anymore. My Physician told me, "So, it looks like the medicines we have you on are finally working for you, eh?" He about fell out of his chair when I told him that I hadn't taken any of the meds for over 8 months now. I thought he was going to throw me out of his office until I told him what I was doing and gave him a copy of my recipe book. I saw him again in three months and he had lost 22lbs and was so glad I was kind enough to tell him about NutriBulletRx that my visit was on the house. I'm not saying that this works for everyone, but if you study what each of the ingredients that you are putting into your drink will do for your body, you will soon be able to figure out what works for you and how to combine them for the best results. I hope this helps and I wish you the very best in health. Oh, just so you know I didn't figure this out overnight. It took me months of research and quite a bit of disappointment before I started getting the hang of this. I never gave up though. I was bound and determined to get off Big Pharma's meds if it was the last thing I did! If you follow these recipes and expect the same results that others are getting I'm afraid you may get disappointed - they all basically do the same for everyone, but they don't always work exactly as with others. The recipes they give you on here are a good starting point and you will notice that most of the taste rather good. I've made some nasty tasting drinks that helped me along my path... nothing that a chaser of water can't help you stomach. :)
Comment by vturner
January 11, 2015
When a recipe refers to the "tall cup" is that the same size as the smallest one that comes with the Nutribullet RX?
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on February 05, 2015
Yes, the 24 oz tall cup for the 600 and 900 units and then the short 30 oz cup in the Rx!
Reply by ikaaren
February 15, 2015
Thank you for responding to that question. I just purchased the NBRx and started blasting using THAT tall cup. I said to myself, "I can't do this everyday 'cause that is more than I usually eat". Especially since I want to blast for two or three of my ailments. So again, thank you....LOL
Comment by Linda22
December 21, 2014
Can you make these at night and drink in morning?
Comment by Krista Haynes.
December 08, 2014
1/4 avocado can help provide a creamy texture similar to banana as well as a potassium boost. For the sweetness, try adding some frozen mango or maybe a ripe pear. Other creamy options include unroasted cashews, nut butter, rolled oats, or chia seeds.
Comment by pluceRN
December 08, 2014
I am allergic to bananas. Is there a substitute for the bananas in all the recipes calling for it?
Comment by edonate
September 02, 2014
what are hemp seeds/ where can i find them ?
Reply by SarahLefkowitzRD
September 03, 2014
Hemp seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids, a healthy fat. You can find them at Whole Foods or any local health food store.
Comment by katehg
June 29, 2014
Can I drink this morning and evening? been using nutribullet for 2 months and doing some exercise too. Im glad that my energy level had change
Where can I purchase the Super Food Fat-Burning Boost?
Reply by blakdimon1
August 11, 2014
This looks very tasty and I'm glad that I saw this article of YOUR'S now I have an excuse to go in this store more often LoL Thanks a lot for this posted information, have a good one...
Comment by Batson
March 28, 2014
what if you don't have the Super Food Fat Burning boost, but you have the Super Foods Boost? can you use that instead?
Comment by sanchez1850
February 21, 2014
My husband and i starting juicing for breakfast, can we drink this one instead for weight loss every morning??
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on February 21, 2014
A smoothie, since it retains the fiber and has some protein will help keep you full and provide valuable nutrients to aid in weight loss. However, you'll also need to pay attention to what you eat outside of Blasting!
Comment by patty jean
February 11, 2014
when making blasts in the tall container are you suposed to drink it all at the same time?
Reply by linbriggs9
April 13, 2014
i just cant help myself. Before I know it I have drank the entire container It always tastes so good
NutriLiving Krista Haynes on February 21, 2014
It is up to you! Most people drink the tall cup as a meal replacement. Just follow your hunger/fullness cues and if you can't finish it, seal it with the lid and enjoy it later :)
Comment by carllbp
February 11, 2014
Can you freeze kale and still have the same benefits?
Reply by Heart1143
June 20, 2014
Wow that was a great question.Good to know that.My kale always goes bad before I can use it all.
Comment by ffolds
January 29, 2014
I am out of fresh spinach. Is it OK to use frozen spinach in nutriblast shake.
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