Ginger Kale

Ginger Kale

Eliminating toxins taken in from the environment is key to maintaining a healthy body. Drink antioxidant-rich foods in your NutriBlasts and supercharge your health by protecting your liver and kidneys from free radicals with ingredients like kale, ginger, and yes, even apples, which contain antioxidants which may prevent the growth of cancer cells in the bowel and liver. 



  • Add all solid ingredients into tall cup
  • Fill to MAX line with liquids
  • Blend until smooth, approximately 30 seconds

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Comment by flyingred
February 10, 2016
I tried both adding and not adding the rind and both were good. The taste is definitely very strong with the rind. I found filtering out the fiber makes the juice taste much better. Also I use Sushi ginger, which also makes the juice taste great!
Comment by mgp54
May 08, 2015
How often do you drink this smoothie.
I find that including lemon or lime peels burn my throat and is over powering in flavor. So I peel them and only use half the rind.
Comment by mclean
February 17, 2015
I'm going to try it without but would like to know if you can put in rind

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