Pineapple Xpress

Pineapple Xpress

Krista, NutriBullet RD here. It’s come to my attention that several of you are enjoying your pineapple NutriBlasts, but unsure of whether or not to leave or toss the core. To core or not to core? That’s a good question…

And the answer is yes! I recommend leaving the core in, as it is loaded with bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that act as a anti-inflammatory, often used to help with arthritis, sinusitis, and post-surgery swelling. Along with this super-enzyme, pineapple core houses tons of other important nutrients like Vitamin C, fiber, copper, and manganese.

To show you how to include pineapple in your NutriBlasts, the team and I decided to put it to the test with my new favorite recipe - Pineapple Xpress (Not to be confused with the very popular movie). I will definitely be making this next week, as it is fast, fresh, and so delicious!



  • Add all solid ingredients into tall cup
  • Fill to MAX line with liquids
  • Blend until smooth, approximately 30 seconds

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This is great if you use Alpro Coconut milk - tastes almost like a Pina-Colada!!
Reply by tombellucco
October 21, 2015
Tried to replicate your Pina Colada version but got no coconut flavor at all. Maybe I need a different brand of coconut milk. Didn't see Alpro around here, what's a good one to try?
Comment by NetteB
February 22, 2015
Tried this and really enjoyed it!
Comment by rondom
January 05, 2015
How much is a dash? 1/4 teaspoon, 1/8?
The Pineapple Xpress recipe is one of my top favorite Blasts! It is very delicious and I always include the pineapple core. For me, this drink provides energy.
Comment by pluckyduk
August 14, 2013
How much volume is a "chunk" of pineapple? Amounts can vary a lot with that description.
Reply by healthnut13
August 25, 2013
I don't know if anyone responded to you yet, but when I made my drink I put in as much as I could without going over the line to much. If you made this did you use the core? I have made several different kinds of drinks so far, and this one is still my favorite. Charlene
Comment by healthnut13
August 10, 2013
Bought my Nutri-Bullet about a month ago. Love it. Have been experimenting with different recipes. I tried this one and loved it. I used the core. Loved the cinnamon flavor. This drink is a keeper for me. Making a folder of all the drinks I like. Now I will try another new drink. Charlene

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