Pound Away the Pounds Tonic

quick weight loss, low glycemic foods

Don't go out and buy bottled vegetable juice; this fresh and easy recipe is delicious, a little spicy, a little light, but still filling, and is a wonder Blast for weight loss. All the fruits and veggies are low glycemic, making a recipe for absolute veggie delight!

Vegan Dairy Free Low Sugar Nut Free


Nutrition Facts

Recipe: Pound Away the Pounds Tonic
Servings in this Recipe: 1

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

Calories 81.1

% Daily Value*

Total fat 1.5 g 2.3%

Saturated Fat 0.1 g 0.6%

Trans Fat 0.0 g 0.0%

Cholesterol 0.0 mg 0.0%

Sodium 90.0 mg 3.8%

Total Carbs 18.2 g 6.1%

Dietary Fiber 6.1 g 24.6%

Sugars 9.4 g 0.0%

Alcohol 0.0 g 0.0%

Protein 4.0 g

Vitamin A 169.4%
Vitamin C 181.3%
Calcium 9.6%
Iron 10.6%
Vitamin D 0.0%
Vitamin E 7.6%
Vitamin K 235.5%
Thiamin 11.6%
Riboflavin 9.1%
Niacin 10.5%
Vitamin B-6 23.6%
Folate 28.3%
Vitamin B-12 0.0%
Panto. acid 4.6%
Phosphorus 9.9%
Magnesium 16.1%
Zinc 4.9%
Selenium 0.9%
Copper 13.9%
Manganese 33.8%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs:


  • Add all ingredients to your Tall Cup and extract for 30 seconds, or until smooth.
  • Enjoy!

Foods in this Recipe

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NutriBullet PRO
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I use all veggies in my nutri bullet. I stay away from fruit at all times, is this ok?
Fruit provides many health benefits. About 2 cups of fruit is recommended each day. A cup of fruit is equal to 1 small apple, 8 large strawberries, 1 large peach, and 1 cup of grapes.
Comment by MJBecky
January 05, 2017
Can I make this in the original NutriBullet? I'm new to this juice making thing and I don't want to ruin my Bullet.
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Comment by Watts1
May 30, 2016
Can any out there come up with a sweet and spicy recipe for weight loss, using jalapenos and pepperoncini's?
Comment by Watts1
May 30, 2016
I couldn't find any Spinach at the store. So I'm hoping it still works the same.Mine came out looking like a V8.
Comment by lorely
April 14, 2016
I have been making this for a while and it is too thick to drink so I have been putting it through the strainer. If I had extra water it all leaks into the machine. Can anyone make a suggestion.
Comment by Amyah
April 09, 2016
I ommited the carrots (was out of carrots), put 2 smaller tomatoes and added a baby cuke, a small garlic clove and a pinch of cayenne... gooooooood! You don't want V-8 anymore after that :)
Comment by Crowharp
March 21, 2016
Question - this recipe is described as spicy, but there are no spicy ingredients. Was there an omission? Guess I'll throw in some jalapeño until I hear back...
alguien sabe cuantos se toman en el dia uno o dos si es solo uno es en la tarde o en la manana gracias si alguien me informa......
Comment by Namylevets
February 02, 2016
Just made this with salt and pepper. Had to grind some to fit it all in. Giving this a try in the morning...
Comment by juejue2015
August 05, 2015
Just making this for the morning as starting work at 5am will it still be ok to drink how long will it keep for in the fridge .
Reply by Mamabird1253
September 02, 2015
No one answered. It's a month later but fresh is best although I've kept my juices or smoothies tightly sealed in a glass jar for no more than 3 days.
Comment by charlenev46
August 05, 2015
The picture of this blast is clearly green. I add two tomatoes because I love them. Sometimes I used chopped green onions and sometimes the purple onions as shown in the picture above. I also like the pinch of sea salt and the peppercorns is a great idea too. I live in Omaha and we can even buy decent tomatoes on the vine at the grocery store in January. If that's a problem try really ripe Roma tomatoes, they are pretty darn good year round. I love this website because it keeps me motivated and like the ideas of others too. Thanks for all the comments. And bell peppers come in 4 colors so that will help for color also. There is nutritional information below the picture above.
My Pro 900 arrived today and I am so stoked to use this. I have been using a Bela for the last 2 weeks which was a great starter. Time for the big guns...;) My question is, what does .. 1 ½ To Max Line Water mean
I know first hand that if the recipe calls for 1/4 lime or lemon you should most likely juice it yuk. This is from trial and error.
Comment by Tenea
June 23, 2015
What can I use instead of celery?
Is the onion a key ingredient? I hate onions
Comment by fhina
May 10, 2015
I have lost over 20 lbs.....but it is not all due to nutribullet....but using nutribullet helped alot.....it is combination of things.....such as watching what you put in mouth....avoiding carbs....rice, bread, pasta....being active......and most important is not to set too high goals.....dont over restrict your calorie count....be reasonable....reward your self.....if you stay persistent you will eventually loose weight......
Comment by EMG
May 07, 2015
Just curious - when it says "¼ Limes", is it asking for the entire piece - peal and all - or just the juice ?
Reply by MzLiz
June 14, 2015
The Lemon Kale recipe talks about how the rind will make the drink bitter, so I'm going to say these recipes mean the juice of 1/4 lime/lemon. https://www.nutriliving.com/recipes/lemon-kale-blast
Reply by Clj810
June 09, 2015
I only used 1/4. I guess I didn't let it extract long enough. I am drinking bits of peelings...
Reply by Clj810
June 09, 2015
I only used 1/4. I guess I didn't let it extract long enough. I am drinking bits of peelings...
Reply by Clj810
June 09, 2015
I only used 1/4. I guess I didn't let it extract long enough. I am drinking bits of peelings...
Reply by MzLiz
June 14, 2015
The Lemon Kale recipe talks about gating the peel if you're going to add some to the drink. It also says how the rind will make the drink bitter, so I'm going to say these recipes mean the juice of 1/4 lime/lemon. https://www.nutriliving.com/recipes/lemon-kale-blast
Comment by Audrey12
April 26, 2015
Great idea for soup, I will try it when I want something warm.
Comment by MrsIvy39
April 01, 2015
Too lose the WIEGHT substitute a nutriblast for the 2 of your meals you eat a day and only eat 1 snack a day that is less than a 100 calories. Do not eat after 7 pm. Doing this I lose 22lbs in 30days
Comment by johnmyer
March 13, 2015
I've lost 16 lbs in 6 weeks with nutrition bullet plus daily exercise. I absolutely love the I feel and I am looking forward to reaching my ideal weight. Thank you for the recipes.
Reply by ihelp1
March 21, 2015
I am new at this and four smoothies and gained weight. Need to loose 30 lbs. What did you use in yours to loose weight? Please help! Thank You
Reply by Yojana
March 14, 2015
Johnmyer how you did it, I am trying to loose weight but I can't, I drink one smoothie everyday and I gain weight :-(
Comment by marczolo
January 22, 2015
I am very interested in the nutritional value of all receipes. How do I calculate this?
Reply by trac0420
February 28, 2015
I actually plug the ingredients into a app called my fitness pal and i can get the nutritional value there.
Comment by fujiman
January 19, 2015
The first time i did this it did not taste so good. the second time i reduced the onion a bit and added some sea salt to taste and now it is a bit more tolerable. Still not my favorite.
Comment by slanzal
January 13, 2015
Looks wonderful, but this is a bad time of year for good tomatoes. Canned ok?
Comment by DARKREMS
January 12, 2015
I can my own stewed tomatoes,with celery.onions.green peppers, would that work too
Comment by Rando
January 11, 2015
Could you explain to us the reason for each ingredient and the benefit of the drink, please?
Comment by cathycah38
January 09, 2015
The recipes here and in the books have no calorie, carbs or nutritional facts. Why?
Comment by mgeorge868
January 09, 2015
Didn't mind the green look , thought it was going to be more red. Added a pinch of sea salt. Taste more like a v8. Would make it again.
Comment by shimal
January 02, 2015
Hi, what can I replace onion with?
Comment by morningbird
December 31, 2014
Hi. I loved this recipe! In saying that I do love raw veggie drinks and kinda get excited about how much nutrition Im getting from a smoothie. I would never just sit down and eat all these ingredients on their own but I can devour a smoothie in no time and ta da! Healthy meal accomplished! Also, i substituted red kale for the spinach and used a few tablespoons of spicy organic tomato pasta sauce insted of the tomato! Delish!
Reply by GymiGhoe8
February 01, 2015
If you Google each of the ingredients you'll find all the nutritional value and calories . Google is my best friend.
Reply by GymiGhoe8
February 01, 2015
If you Google each of the ingredients you'll find all the nutritional value and calories . Google is my best friend.
Comment by DecBrennan
December 29, 2014
I tried this one today...most say it turns out green...mine was a mucky brown colour. A bit bland too, Im afraid I couldn't drink it all.
Reply by mememe
January 26, 2015
Red + green = brown. I put a bit of fresh garlic in mine…and a bit of fresh peppercorns.
Comment by tlw129
December 28, 2014
I prefer savory over sweet, so I liked this one. Added some Sriracha sauce for more spice!
Comment by ccurcio
December 17, 2014
This has become my new favorite blast. I add a tsp. of minced garlic, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1/4 tsp. of pepper and celery seed. After extracting, I put it in a saucepan and gently bring it to a simmer for a few minutes. I add a tbsp. of parmesan after removing it from the heat. It makes a great soup.
Comment by Bandit531
September 15, 2014
When I made this one I made it more like a Virgin Mary. Put the spices you like in that drink and away you go. Careful with the Tabasco can get spicy
Comment by lisalotte
March 15, 2014
Wow.... I've just made this Blast omitting the Spinach and replacing it with STRAWBERRIES, & Cucumber.... wow wow wow and it looked exactly like the photo too YUM!
Comment by singplumb
October 16, 2013
Mine turned out green too! It is nasty but, I am trying to force it down telling myself I can do it because I want the results and don't want to waste the ingredients. Won't make it again though. I was so looking forward to a good tomato flavored drink and it is not.
I find that if you put in like color fruits and veggies, the color will remain vibrant. Afterall, these blasts need to appeal to all of our senses, for us to continue to drink them.
Imma try it and see how it taste.......but ya guys have to remember that its a raw drink.....nothing but veggies so it might taste nasty to the people who anit use to drinking nothing but raw veggies
HORRIBLE! This one is NOT worth trying again. A true disappointment.
Comment by DrPaulB53
April 28, 2013
I don't think the photos used are actual images of the finished drink, per ingredients. Mine turned green.
This was delicious. Mine turned out green but still very good.
I thought it was so nasty! I couldnt even finish my glass. Mine also turned out green. I thought I did something wrong.
Reply by lauracueva
April 17, 2013
The cilantro and spinach probably made it green. I made it and it did taste like store bought veggie juice, though!
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