Quinoa Migraine Elixer


Though bananas are often thought to be a trigger for migraines, they are full of the vitamin B6, a known migraine pain reliever. Similarly,  almonds contain lots of magnesium, which migraine sufferers often lack. Also rich in magnesium? Quinoa! Quinoa provides over 20% of your daily magnesium requirement. 



  • Add all solid ingredients into tall cup
  • Fill to MAX line with liquids
  • Blend until smooth, approximately 30 seconds

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jenmancinelli on December 27, 2014
Do you cook the Quinoa for this recipe?
GymiGhoe8 on February 05, 2015
You always mill Quinoa, if you tap on Quinoa it will bring you to a page that explains anything and everything you want to know about Quinoa

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