Smoky BBQ Jackfruit with Shishito Peppers and Slaw

vegan bbq sandwich with jackfruit with slaw and peppers recipe

Why miss out on big taste for the big game day or summer barbecues? Jackfruit is all the latest rage in vegan meat alternatives! Rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and protein, jackfruit pairs perfectly with a simple smoked BBQ sauce for a savory, sweet, spicy and satisfying game day recipe!

Enjoy this vegan-friendly BBQ with fresh-off-the-burner blistered shishito peppers and a crunchy, tangy slaw!

Vegan Nut Free


Nutrition Facts

Recipe: Smoky BBQ Jackfruit with Shishito Peppers and Slaw
Servings in this Recipe: 4

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

Calories 577.1

% Daily Value*

Total fat 11.4 g 17.5%

Saturated Fat 2.7 g 13.4%

Trans Fat 0.0 g 0.0%

Cholesterol 26.6 mg 8.9%

Sodium 2413.8 mg 100.6%

Total Carbs 113.4 g 37.8%

Dietary Fiber 6.3 g 25.2%

Sugars 59.4 g 0.0%

Alcohol 0.0 g 0.0%

Protein 13.0 g

Vitamin A 100.3%
Vitamin C 124.5%
Calcium 8.4%
Iron 7.1%
Vitamin D 0.0%
Vitamin E 2.5%
Vitamin K 53.6%
Thiamin 11.8%
Riboflavin 6.1%
Niacin 7.8%
Vitamin B-6 36.4%
Folate 12.8%
Vitamin B-12 0.0%
Panto. acid 4.5%
Phosphorus 5.2%
Magnesium 15.4%
Zinc 2.1%
Selenium 0.2%
Copper 6.1%
Manganese 8.4%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs:


  • Thaw frozen jackfruit overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Once thawed, squeeze excess water from the jackfruit and set aside.
  • In a large pan, add ketchup, light agave, liquid smoke and liquid aminos and heat over medium heat, taking care not to boil mixture.
  • When sauce begins to bubble, add jackfruit to mixture and until it bubbles again. Remove from heat.
  • On stovetop, place shishito peppers directly on the burner, quickly charring all the sides of peppers until they soften. Once cool, remove stems, slice lengthwise and remove seeds and membranes. Set aside.
  • To make the slaw, combine cabbages, carrots, bell pepper, pickle juice, light agave, mayonnaise and celery salt to a medium mixing bowl. Incorporate thoroughly. This can be made the night before for a stronger flavor.
  • To assemble, separate bun tops from bottoms. Spoon 3/4 cup BBQ Jackfruit on to the bottom of the bun, followed by 1/2 cup Pickle Jar Slaw, one Blistered Shishito Pepper and, lastly, the top of the bun.
  • Enjoy!

Foods in this Recipe

Light Agave
Agave Nectar
Liquid Smoke
Liquid Smoke
Liquid Aminos
Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Shishito Peppers
Shishito Peppers
Brioche or Wheat Buns
Brioche Bun
Pickle Juice
Pickle Brine
Light Agave
Agave Nectar
Vegan Mayonnaise
Celery Salt
Celery Salt

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