NutriBullet LEAN Plan Kit & Free LEAN Boost

A one-of-a-kind smoothie weight loss plan

New Low Price NutriBullet LEAN Plan Kit & Free LEAN Boost

New reduced price!

Already own a high-speed NutriBullet or blender but want to take advantage of the NutriBullet LEAN healthy, weight-loss plan? We've got you covered! Now you can unlock the weight loss code for less with our kit-only option. Armed with all the accessories, recipes, 7-Day Transformation Meal Planning tools, the LEAN app, and a FREE tub of LEAN Boost, you're just one grocery store visit away from a new LEAN you!

Or upgrade to the NutriBullet LEAN System, including the all-new 1200W extractor, for just dollars more!

Use code NLMEMBER on order form to claim 10% NutriLiving member discount and FREE shipping.

Product ships to U.S. addresses only.