NutriBullet® PRO Workplace Wellness Kit®

Fuel Your Workday, Support Your Health

Great work starts with great nutrition. For employees to be their most productive, they need to be eating well. NutriBullet is proud to bring the power and ease of nutrient extraction to the office with the NutriBullet® PRO Workplace Wellness Kit®. Stocked with 2 commercial-grade NutriBullet PRO units and accompanying accessories, this unique configuration transforms whole fruits and vegetables into convenient NutriBlast smoothies, making it the ideal addition to any work environment.

Workplace Wellness Full Set

Employers see link between wellness and productivity

% of U.S. employers that consider this very important
Reducing health care costs 79%
Improving worker productivity 55%
Reducing employee absences because of sickness/disability 50%
Improving workplace safety 38%
Attracting/retaining employees 37%
Improving workforce morale 35%
Promoting corporate image/brand 21%
Fulfilling social responsibility 20%

Healthier eating in the workplace leads to:

Improved productivity
Lower absenteeism
25% more likely to have
higher job performance
Decrease in health care cost

What You Get

Everything you need for a healthier office environment. It all starts with the special commercial-grade NutriBullet PRO units featuring:

  • 900 Watts of nutrient extraction power
  • Improved motor and stronger carbon brushes for prolonged use and durability
  • UL sanitation certification for commercial use
2 High-Torque Power Bases
2 High-Torque
Power Bases
6 Colossal Cups & 4<br>Flip Top To-Go Lids
6 Colossal Cups & 4
Flip Top To-Go Lids
4 Extractor Blades
4 Extractor Blades
6 Tall Cups and 4 Handled Lip Rings
6 Tall Cups & 4
Handled Lip Rings
1 Soft Cover Recipe Book & User Menu
1 Soft Cover Recipe
Book & User Menu
1 How-To-Build-a-Blast-Poster
1 How-To-Build-a-
Blast Poster
4 Comfort Lip Rings
4 Comfort Lip Rings
1 Pocket Guide
1 Pocket Guide

Better Choices,
Better Workdays

To make healthy choices, you need a healthy option. Equipping your office kitchen with the NutriBullet PRO Workplace Wellness Kit and Blast Bar provides employees with a healthful, invigorating alternative to skipped meals, processed vending machine snacks or greasy lunches that zap energy, motivation, and morale.

How It Works


Get the Workplace Wellness Kit

The 33-piece set - which includes two commercial-grade NutriBullet PRO units for enhanced durability - is specially configured to suit a 10-20 person office environment with multiple, easy-to-clean pieces.


Build a Blast Bar

Consult the Workplace Wellness guide to learn how to stock your kitchen with readily-available NutriBlast ingredients, and check out and the Workplace Wellness App for additional tips, tricks, and recipe ideas.


See the Results!

From the communal experience of creating and sharing NutriBlasts to the tangible physical effects of extracted nutrition, introducing a Blast Bar into your workplace can liven up your office environment, boosting productivity, morale, and dedication to a job well done.


Boost Your Blast

Supercharge Workplace Health with SuperFood Blends

NutriLiving SuperFoods

Give employees the option to BOOST their NutriBlasts with a full range of SuperFood options. Made from the highest quality whole food ingredients, NutriBullet SuperFood Blends are formulated to offer a host of nutrition-based benefits, from fat burning and detoxing to healthy digestion and clearer skin.

Optimize Your Blast Bar Experience

NutriBullet products

Increase Blast Bar efficiency and ease the flow of dishwashing with additional cups, blades, lip rings, and lids to round out your stock.

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